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Here you can order all of Archie's CD releases!

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Songs of Hope, Love and Laughter II

Track Listings

Three Nails and Two Boards
He's The Hand On My Shoulder
A Dozen Red Roses
The Giraffe Song
Lay Your Troubles Down
I Could See Jesus In You
Jesus Is Your Ticket To Heaven
Love Is Strong
Closer to Jesus

(Mp3 files coming soon)


Songs of Hope, Love and Laughter

A collection of several of the "hits" Archie has written for different artists through the years - along with some of the audience's favorite Archie originals. Now, you get to hear the songwriter's versions. This CD is a wonderful mixture of love, Gospel, and humorous songs.

$15 plus $2 shipping

Track Listings

It Was Almost Like A Song MP3
Let's Take The Long Way Around The World MP3
It's All I Can Do
You Can Sleep In A Car MP3
Southern Girl On A Summer Night
I Need To Be Still
You Gave Me Love
He's Got It All In Control MP3
My Fat Mama MP3
What A Difference You've Made In My Life MP3

Track Listings

Give Up Everything For Jesus MP3
When Your World Turns Dark
Use What You Have MP3
The Sower
More Love, Less Shove MP3
A Savior In My Sorrow
That's God Knocking
He's Got A Heart
God Will Work It Out
Won't You? MP3

Songs From The Sower

Archie spent over a year writing and recording this CD. All of these songs were inspired by the writings and words of Michael Guido, also known as "The Sower." A collection of inspiring Christian music, ranging from beautiful ballads to upbeat, uplifting songs.

$15 plus $2 shipping


This music was recorded in Archie's studio in Nashville on his 1951 Steinway concert grand piano. Archie obtained this fine instrument from Ronnie Milsap. Before that, the piano belonged to Roy Orbison. The songs on this CD are all Archie originals. Some are piano versions of the "hits" along with some of Archie's most beautiful melodies. Piano with simple but lush string accompaniment. Music that will bring you a relaxed and peaceful feeling.

$15 plus $2 shipping

Track Listings

It Was Almost Like A Song
Don't It Break Your Heart MP3
1942 MP3
When Love Was All We Had
I'm Here MP3
Let's Take The Long Way Around The World
Until We Meet Again
If I Could Love You More
Dandelion Days
'Til Today
What A Difference You've Made In My Life

Sample clips

My Fat Mama

You Can Sleep In A Car

That's Where I Live
Southern Fried Humor!

For years Archie has entertained audiences between songs with his true-to-life stories about life in the South. Now, in response to audience demand, he has recorded many of his favorites on a CD devoted to his down-home humor! You'll laugh out loud as you recognise many of the traits and peculiarities of the personalities and places to be found as your travel in Dixie. Also enjoy several of his comedy songs that have cracked up audiences everywhere!

$15 plus $2 shipping

To order any of these CDs, Write down the album titles and send $15 plus $2 shipping for each one to:

Archie Jordan
1627 Chance Rd
Perkins, GA 30442

And make out the check or money order to Archie Jordan Music, Inc..